With the famous DSV duos Herrmann/Doll and Preuß/Schempp

The location is (almost) new, but the rules remain the same: Ten international duos will compete with each other at the JOKA Biathlon World Team Challenge (BWTC) on 28 December 2020 in the Chiemgau Arena in Ruhpolding. Renowned teams confirmed their... read more

with the renowned World Champion duo Herrmann/Doll

The JOKA Biathlon World Team Challenge (BWTC) returns to its original location as a unique guest event. The popular mixed race for ten international duos will be held this year on 28 December 2020 in Ruhpolding. The World Team Challenge was hosted... read more

Once again in the fourth relay race this winter, the quartette from Norway could not be beat. For a long stretch, the ladies from France were competing to finish first, but then didn’t make it by a small margin. With their third place, the Swiss... read more

Benedikt Doll on third place

  Martin Fourcade won the sprint race just ahead of his teammate Quentin Fillon Maillet. Benedikt Doll took the third spot on the podium. For him, it was the second time on the podium after his gold medal in Le Grand-Bornand. Philipp Nawrath... read more

With yesterday’s sprint race in Ruhpolding, Tiril Eckhoff continued her winning streak and won the yellow jersey for the first time in her career along with her eleventh World Cup victory. Half a minute later, Hanna Oeberg won second place ahead of... read more

A full house and a great mood at the Champions Park

This time the opening ceremonies celebrated not only the upcoming World Cup, but also Ruhpolding’s ski club’s upcoming 100-year anniversary, and the Biathlon Summer World Championships taking place in the Chiemgau-Arena in August. This year,... read more

Additional trains and an extensive shuttle bus schedule

Many roads lead to Rome – and the same is true for the Biathlon World Cup in Ruhpolding (held from January 14-19, 2020). Due to ist location in the Miesenbacher Valley surrounded by the Chiemgau Mountains, there are only three direct roads to... read more
Chiemgau Arena

Over 300 athletes, 44 nations and many, many more spectators are expected

Stadium manager Engelbert Schweiger is happily anticipating the upcoming World Cup: The snow situation is much easier than last year. This is noticeably good for the team and the preparations can be made smoothly.” Even it doesn’t appear that way... read more
Biathlon in Ruhpolding

The advance sales for the Summer World Championships and the World Cup 2012 has begun

Der aktuelle Biathlon Weltcup hat noch nicht begonnen, da geht es schon in den Kartenvorverkauf für den Biathlon Weltcup 2021. Dieser wird vom 12. Bis 17. Januar in der Chiemgau Arena stattfinden. Tickets gibt es dieses Mal so früh wie noch nie!... read more

A tribute to all volunteers - for 5 years!

What would Ruhpolding be without its volunteers? Over 2,000 volunteers are expected during the coming World Cup week and we are happy for every single one.  This year they have a brand-new outfit in dark blue/ yellow, and, as always, they are... read more

The Biathlon Elite on Rollerskis

(Planegg/Ruhpolding) Next year, the Summer Biathlon World Championships will take place in Ruhpolding.  The competition for the gold, silver and bronze will hit the asphalt at the Chiemgau Arena between August 19th and 23rd, 2020.   “We... read more

The Biathlon Elite on Rollerskis

(Planegg/Ruhpolding) Next year, the Summer Biathlon World Championships will take place in Ruhpolding.  The competition for the gold, silver and bronze will hit the asphalt at the Chiemgau Arena between August 19th and 23rd, 2020.   “We... read more

A balanced and strong relay team from France was able to secure the victory in Ruhpolding ahead of Norway whose team was once again very strong at the shooting range.

The German women’s relay team performed very solidly and came in third place. The French team had a magical run from start to finish in the Ruhpolding snow-scape, resulting in a 11.5 second advance which appeared as less on paper than it was in... read more

Norway has confirmed its role as the favorite and wins the relay race in Ruhpolding for the fifth time in a row.

The German men’s team has recovered from the poor results in Oberhof and came in second ahead of France which snatched the third place from the Austrians. Norway wins: “Same procedure as every year.” For the fifth time in a row, the Norwegian... read more

The first race day with the two sprints or the BMW IBU Biathlon World Cup in Ruhpolding were held under blue skies and a brilliant atmosphere. The Safety measures are set for the remaining races, so that the schedule can be held as planned. On... read more

Johannes Thingnes Boe is simply unstoppable. He left the entire competition behind in the sprint race in Ruhpolding.

His brother Tarjei came closest eight seconds behind him.  Benedikt Doll crossed the finish line two seconds after that to come in third. With his eighth win in eleventh races, Johannes Thingnes Boe solidified his leading role this winter.... read more

The Slovakian Anastasiya Kuzmina makes her last season into a true winner’s round by winning the women’s sprint race in the Chiemgau-Arena without any shooting errors.

Kuzmina celebrates her first victory in Ruhpolding   The Slovakian Anastasiya Kuzmina makes her last season into a true winner’s round by winning the women’s sprint race in the Chiemgau-Arena without any shooting errors. The currently... read more

The BMW IBU Biathlon World Cup sprint races will be held on Thursday in Ruhpolding. The women’s race will start at 11:00 and the men’s race at 14:30. The revised safety requirements due to the current situation in the Traunstein municipality, have... read more

Please note, the following information is based on the current plans for the races on Thursday January 17th !   The race on Wednesday is cancelled and the shuttle buses to the stadium will not be running. The stadium will be closed to... read more

According to the district administration’s notification, holding a competition is contrary to the current disaster situation concerning the whole region. Due to this the Men’s Sprint Competition will not take place on Wednesday. All officials and... read more

Press Release from the Organizing Committee Ruhpolding

In Ruhpolding and the surrounding areas, a very difficult situation has developed in the last few days. Within a short time, a large amount of snow has fallen and many roofs had to be cleared of snow. It goes without saying that securing people’s... read more

Have you always wanted to peek behind the scenes of a World Cup in Ruhpolding? Then we have just the thing for you, because this year there is a special offer for Biathlon Fans. You will meet the biathlon legend Fritz Fischer at his Biathlon Alm... read more

Advance ticket sales for the Biathlon World Cup 2019 begin on June 12th

Two sprints, two relay races and two pursuits – that is what is scheduled for the BMW IBU Biathlon World Cup taking place in Ruhpolding from January 15-20, 2019. It is expected to be entertaining and exciting. In less than four weeks, on Tuesday,... read more

“Don’t worry, the others have the same problems,” is what Laura Dahlmeier’s trainer said to motivate her, but in the end, it was not quite enough.

Compared to the strong Finnish skier Kaisa Makarainen there was no chance. After the last bout at the range, Rosanna Crawford entered the track for the final round with 4 x 0, but Veronika Vitkova, Kaisa Makarainen and Laura Dahlmeier were close... read more

19 seconds rapid shooting was the foundation for Johannes Thingnes Boe’s victory.

In the men’s mass start, everything lead up to a duel between Johannes Thingnes Boe and Martin Fourcade which the Norwegian won. After the first bout at the range, 12 athletes had shot all the targets. In the third round the leader up to that... read more

With this relay race victory, the women’s team finally brought Germany its first medal in Ruhpolding.

. The victory was precarious because the Italian team could make up for much of their deficit on the track at the range. As in Oberhof, the Swedish team placed third.  A week ago in Oberhof, Franziska Preuß, who is still not quite up Olympic... read more

For the fourth time in a row, Norway won the men’s relay race in Ruhpolding.

And the winner is…. Norway! For the fourth time in a row, Norway won the men’s relay race in Ruhpolding. With the best available team, the victory was not in at risk. France, with Martin Fourcade, and Russia also won a place on the podium. The... read more

Just as two years ago in Ruhpolding, Dorothea Wierer won the individual competition ahead of Kaisa Mäkäräinen and the Canadian sensation of the day, Rosanna Crawford, placed third.

The German women were not able to meet their expectations for this home World Cup competition. The small crystal ball went to the Nadezhda Skardino from Belarus. Two years ago, the Italian Dorothea Wierer won the individual race here Ruhpolding.... read more

The two top favorite athletes were back on the podium in Ruhpolding.

Martin Fourcade as the winner and Johannes Thingnes Boe in third place. The Czech athlete Ondrej Moravec placed between them, re-affirming the World Championship silver medal from Hochfilzen. The surprise of the day was Roman Rees coming in fourth... read more

The Bayern-1 Radio Band played rousing live music, the nations marched in in three groups, Ruhpolding celebrated 40 years of Biathlon.

A new order of events at the opening ceremony brought a nice change of pace. The Bayern-1 Radio Band played rousing live music, the nations marched in in three groups, Ruhpolding celebrated 40 years of Biathlon, plans were made to set a world record... read more

Extended hours at the stadium and taking the Bus & Train to the World Cup

Since especially on the weekend, we are expecting increased numbers of visitors, and therefore heavy traffic, we recommend allowing extra time for travel. For this reason we are altering the stadium opening hours: Wednesday to Friday from 11:00... read more

A big thank you to all the fans for their tremendous interest

Since ticket sales were off to such a great start this summer, by now the tickets for Sunday, January 14th are completely sold out. For quite a while now, the VIP tickets and tickets to the stands have been sold for Saturday and Sunday. For... read more

Gold for Kaisa Mäkäkärainen in the 10 kilometer pursuit race

In this final race in the Chiemgau Arena the term “individual competition” got a whole new meaning. From the very beginning, the Finnish athlete Kaisa Mäkäräinen was skiing her rounds all alone. Yet she persisted in a concentrated manner, “In... read more

Since she had been leading in the sprint ratings but had not won a race, Kaisa Mäkäräinen gave herself a belated birthday present three days after her 34th birthday with her first gold medal in the Chiemgau Arena. Second place went to Gabriela Koukalova,

The early starters had a definite disadvantage due to the heavy snowfall because the snow let up during the race. Starting seventh, Miriam Gössner suffered as well. Three penalty loops from the standing position bout and slow conditions left her... read more

Martin Fourcade wins his tenth gold of the season in Ruhpolding

The advance at the goal was the same as at the start, but the Frenchman Martin Fourcade managed to make the race exciting. The otherwise reliable shot had to turn three penalty loops, but still demonstrated who is setting the tone on the track.... read more

The German women‘s relay team underscores its complexity with a victory

The German relay team including Vanessa Hinz, Maren Hammerschmidt, Franziska Preuss and Laura Dahlmeier was a sensation on the home range. In a phenomenal pursuit race spurred on by the 12,000 spectators, the fourth athlete Laura Dahlmeier, brought... read more

Martin Fourcade wins the gold in the 10 kilometer sprint race

This morning he was playing with his daughter in the snow, and this afternoon he dominated the entire competition. The Frenchman Martin Fourcade seems to be unbeatable. Each of his 20 shots were on target and on the track no one can catch up either... read more

In the final sprint, the seemingly certain victory slipped away from the Russians.

On the first day of the Ruhpolding World Cup, the spectators’ nerves were put to the test during the men’s relay race: The Russian relay team with Alexey Volkov, Anton Shipulin, Matvey Eliseev and Anton Babikov, lead much of the time, not least due... read more

At the opening ceremony yesterday evening, the Championspark was enveloped in the most beautiful winter white imaginable.

Ruhpolding’s mayor Claus Pichler, district administrator Sigi Walch, German Ski Federation treasurer Jörg Flechtner and IBU deputy Viktor Maigurov are looking forward to exciting biathlon competitions with a backdrop perfect for winter sports. As... read more

More trains and better rates

For a comfortable trip to the stadium, we recommend arriving by train. There is an hourly train between Ruhpolding and Traunstein, and there will be additional trains before and after the races timed to coincide with the races.  There is a free... read more

Mittendrin, statt nur dabei!

You can leave your telephoto lens at home, because biathlon fans have never been this close to the competition. The limited edition biathlon3-combined tickets offer opportunities formerly only available to the athletes and trainers during the World... read more

Ticket sales have begun – and fans are as interested as ever in the Biathlon World Cup

The prognosis for the Biathlon World Cup 2017 in Ruhpolding looks positive. The ticket sales, which began in mid June, proved that interest in the event remains constant.  The ticket vendor AD Ticket also contributed to the successful sales... read more

Ticket sales begin on June 13th

  The long waiting period has finally come to an end. The Biathlon World Cup 2017 sales dates are set. The admission passes for all races for the stands and the track go on sale on Monday at 11 a.m.  They can be purchased by phone... read more