With strong run time and perfect shooting to victory - Lisa Vittozzi wins women's individual competition

Thursday, January 12, 2023 - 00:00

Lisa Vittozzi (Italy) as well as Lou Jeanmonnot (France) succeeded in four flawless series. Thus they secured 1st and 2nd place in today's women's individual competition. The current leader in the overall World Cup, Frenchwoman Julia Simon, completed the podium in third place.

The Chiemgau Arena is known for having perfect shooting conditions for the athletes. Therefore, a good performance at the shooting range in the individual competition is a prerequisite for a good ranking. After all, shooting errors mean penalty minutes that cost many places in the results list. In the result list today, up to 14th place, there are only athletes who managed a fault-free shooting result or a shooting result with only one fault.

Best German was Vanessa Voigt, who again convinced in the shooting range and finished strong 11th with only one mistake.

"The track was in top condition," Denise Herrmann-Wick commented on her race. With the fastest running time of all participants, she was able to make good use of this, but had to accept three shooting faults and thus also penalty minutes. This meant 15th place in the end.

The other German biathletes placed in the following positions:
26th place Janina Hettich- Walz
33rd place Sophia Schneider
35th place Juliane Frühwirt
37th place Anna Weidel

"It is already something special to run here, otherwise I was the years myself as a spectator on site. Today I was able to be there myself," said Sophia Schneider, for whom the Chiemgau Arena has been a training base for years.