Together with Norway's women the German team rocks the Chiemgau Arena

Saturday, January 14, 2023 - 00:00

It was an enormously exciting relay race that the women offered today. Already at the first transition the favored Swedish team had lost sight of a top ranking on 17th place. Also the German team with the slightly weakened start runner Anna Weidel was one minute behind the leading French team.
Vanessa Voigt in second place started a bravura race to catch up. With a faultless and also fast shooting performance she handed over to Sophia Schneider in fourth position. France still held the lead ahead of Italy and Norway. Sophia Schneider struggled with her reloads on her round, but surprised with a brilliant performance on the track. "The spectators pushed me so hard. You had the feeling you were flying over the track," Sophia Schneider announced in the interview, grinning broadly.

In the standing stage, Sophie Chauveau from France, who had been leading until then, was hit with two penalties. Norway took this chance and took the lead. They switched to final skier Ingrid Landmark Tandrevold ahead of Italy and Germany. Sophia Schneider reduced the gap to the top and thus to Marte Olsbu Roiseland by a whole 14 seconds before sending Denise Herrmann-Wick into the lane.

Norway remained in the lead, the battle between Italy and Germany for second place was on. On the track Denise Herrmann-Wick won the duel against Dorothea Wierer and Germany ran to a brilliant second place. The team was frenetically celebrated by the fans who were completely out of their minds.
Italy defended 3rd place ahead of a strong Swiss team with final skier Lena Haecki-Gross. Team Czech Republic finished 5th ahead of the favorites from France and Sweden.

"Today everything was offered what biathlon has to offer", Denise Herrmann-Wick raved in the interview.
A big praise to the organizers also came from ARD biathlon expert Arnd Peiffer, who very much highlighted and praised the work of all involved.