Over 40 years of the Biathlon World Cup in Ruhpolding

The history of biathlon in Ruhpolding goes back to the 60s. Initially, the Federal Training Center for Biathlon or the State Training Center for Biathlon served as the training center for the German national team.

In 1979, when the athletes already had some small bore experience, Ruhpolding stepped into the limelight for the first time as host of a world championship. After all, 83 participants from 23 nations provided a certain World Cup flair, even if public interest still lagged strongly behind the then established Nordic disciplines such as cross-country skiing, jumping and Nordic combined - not to mention the Alpine competitors.

Then, starting in 1980, the facility gained a reputation with the annual Biathlon World Cup events. Every day, up to 20,000 spectators made a pilgrimage to the Mecca at the foot of the Zirmberg. The organization became more and more perfect, the media interest bigger and bigger. Naturally, expectations were high when Ruhpolding hosted the World Championships for the second time in 1985 with 77 participants from 24 nations. For the first time in Germany, biathlon competitions were broadcast live on television here, and a total of around 30,000 spectators followed the competitions on the Zirmberg on the three competition days.

1996 was something of a leap forward for Ruhpolding in the sport of biathlon. The stadium was newly built, 88 men from 28 nations and 72 women from 22 nations fought for precious metal. The German women did not win any individual medals, but they won gold in the relay and in the team: Uschi Disl, Simone Greiner-Petter-Memm, Katrin Apel and Petra Behle. The German men groaned even more under the burden of the home advantage: Only the relay team with Ricco Groß, Peter Sendel, Frank Luck and Sven Fischer added medal shine to the statistics with silver. In addition, by unanimous decision of the 29 team captains, the audience received the Fairness Award of the German Olympic Society and the IBU. Junior World Championships were also held in Ruhpolding: in 1979 together with the men, in 1993 when Ole Einar Björndalen became a triple Junior World Champion, and in 2008 when Eurosport broadcast live and Magdalena Neuner won her last two of a total of seven Junior World Championship titles.

The success story was continued at the fourth Biathlon World Championships in Ruhpolding 2012. True to the motto "Mia san Freunde für immer - We are one family", these days were characterized by remarkably fair competitions, excellent stadium conditions and a wonderful togetherness of the most diverse nations in the most beautiful weather. The record world champion Magdalena Neuner said goodbye to her audience in Ruhpolding in a more than befitting manner with four medals and moving emotional moments. Among the winners was certainly also the audience, which flocked in unprecedented numbers. On the total of eight competition days, 240,000 spectators were counted.

The Chiemgau Arena Ruhpolding has been the venue for:

- 43 World Cups

- 4 World Championships (1979/1985/1996/2012)

- Summer World Championships (2022)

- Youth/Junior World Championships (1979/1993/2008)