12th January 2022



14:30 sprint women
afterwards award ceremony



13th January 2022



14:30 sprint men
afterwards award ceremony



14th January 2022



14:30 relay women
afterwards award ceremony



15th January 2022



14:30 relay men
afterwards award ceremony



16th January 2022




12:45 pursuit women

14:45 pursuit men

afterwards award ceremony


From January 12th-16th, 2022 everything in Ruhpolding is revolved around the Biathlon World Cup in the Chiemgau Arena.

All starting times are subject to change!


Entertainment Program

The events surrounding the big event – The Program

t is impossible to imagine the Biathlon World Cup in Ruhpolding without the extensive fringe events. After all, it is part of the event that the fans want to celebrate the accomplishments of “their” athletes. The atmosphere in the stadium is spectacular before the races even begin. The moderators, Harry and Geri, the stadium T.V. and the Beppos get things rolling. Of course, there is plenty to do outside of the stadium as well, not only in the tent outside the Chiemgau Arena, but in town as well

Im The Championspark ( - s at the heart of the fringe events. The official events such as the opening and awards ceremonies take place here. This is also where the huts and stands selling food, drinks, and memorabilia are located. The FANhaus(Kurhaus) throws parties with top bands every year!

After the races, the main street is closed to traffic every night until 5 a.m.! The people celebrating can stroll through the streets and enjoy the numerous stores, cafes and exhibits