Wierer in Top Form

Just as two years ago in Ruhpolding, Dorothea Wierer won the individual competition ahead of Kaisa Mäkäräinen and the Canadian sensation of the day, Rosanna Crawford, placed third.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

The German women were not able to meet their expectations for this home World Cup competition. The small crystal ball went to the Nadezhda Skardino from Belarus.

Two years ago, the Italian Dorothea Wierer won the individual race here Ruhpolding. Today she did it again and won her fourth World Cup race, three of them in the individual competition. At the same time, she admitted, “I really do not like the individual. It is much too far and takes too long. I prefer it short and fast, the sprint and the relay.” One can only wonder how many more times she will have to win an individual race until it becomes her favorite discipline. Just as last time, she shot four bouts flawlessly. “In the individual,” she said, “you have to take care to remain concentrated and not let your thoughts wander.” She managed this quite well again at the Chiemgau-Arena range, although she was not at all satisfied with her shooting performance at the beginning of the season. This was probably due to an illness that would not get better, then starting up again too soon and suffering a relapse over Christmas. Now, however, she is continually getting in better and better shape, both on the track and at the range. This race was proof positive.

 Mäkäräinen wins second place on her birthday

Duplication of events: already in 2016 Kaisa Mäkäräinen won second place behind Wierer, this time giving herself a nice 35th birthday present. She spends her birthday in Ruhpolding every year and said, “Often I am really bad on my birthday, so it is really nice to get a spot on the podium.” This way her parents and friends are there to help her celebrate, but, “…not too much. I have a few more races to master.” It actually did take quite a long time until she was able to achieve good results in the Chiemgau-Arena, but winning second place in 2016 broke the spell. Last winter she even won the spring and pursuit races in Ruhpolding.

Third place for Canada

The third place winner from 2016 could not be on the podium again this time, because Gabriela Koukalova will probably not be able to race at all this winter. Instead, the Canadian athlete Rosanna Crawford, won her first World Cup medal placing third. Her best results so far had been fourth place in the sprint in Pokljuka three years ago. This season, her best results were 39th in the individual in Östersund and the pursuit in Hochfilzen. Her third place win was a real sensation, and was almost an even bigger surprise than Roman Rees’ fourth place win the day before. “I am so happy it is indescribable,” Crawford said after the race, “I love Ruhpolding.” The Canadians have a training camp in the Chiemgau almost every summer. This may have something to do with the fact that Matthias Ahrens, their chief trainer, comes from Kochel am See and likes to return to his Upper Bavarian roots.

Skardino wins the little crystal ball

Nadezhda Skardino from Belarus won the World Cup for this Discipline. She won in Östersund and came in seventh place in Ruhpolding not missing a shot yet again. She came in five points ahead of Yuliia Dzhima, who won third place in Östersund and fourth place in Ruhpolding.

Maren Hammerschmidt was the best German

The German ladies had such great intentions for their home World Cup competition, but unfortunately were unable meet the expectations. Maren Hammerschmidt ranked highest coming in 15th with two missed shots in the prone position, “I am satisfied, above all with my standing position shooting. I am comfortable here. Unfortunately, I missed too often in the prone position.” Franziska Hildebrand, on the other hand, did not feel comfortable in the standing position at all saying, “I was entirely too frightened, and then I missed. At least my race time was alright.”  Vanessa Hinz (31st), Franziska Preuß (32nd), Denise Herrmann (40th) und Laura Dahlmeier (48th) collectively disappointed.  The German trainer commented, “We have six athletes who are strong shooters and skiers but none came through in the home World Cup. This just cannot happen. It was also a bit careless.”