Stadium Regulations


1.  ApplicabilityThese Stadium Rules apply to the regular use of the Chiemgau Arena as well as the attached entrances, exits and parking lots.  

2. Admission Control Entry to the events will only be granted upon presentation of a valid entrance ticket or other right to entry. Visitors who have a reduced price ticket must present proof of the reason for the price reduction. Tickets and proof of price reductions are to be presented without prompting and handed over for inspection upon request at the entrance gate and/or after entry to the events. 

3. Carrying Prohibited Objects Each visitor must consent to their persons and bags, backpacks, purses etc., to be checked for prohibited objects by frisking, a metal detector or other security tools. Also permission must be granted to check their bags, backpacks, purses etc.  

The following items may not be brought onto the event grounds: 

  • Alcoholic beverages and drugs of any kind 
  • Flasks made out of glass or metal
  • Glass containers, glass bottles, glasses and pitchers of any size
  • Cans of any sort Objects which can be used as weapons or missiles
  • Objects which are made of fragile, splintering or especially hard material
  • Aerosol spray cans (deodorant, hairspray, spray-paint)
  • Corrosive or coloring substances Plastic bootles bigger than 1/2 litre
  • Knives in all sizes, including pocket knives
  • Rivet belts, bracelets, or collars
  • Metal chains over 50cm long (wallet fastener)
  • Flag staffs made of metal (see below regarding telescope-flags)
  • Folding chairs and folding strollers in the arena (permitted at the track) 
  • Non-collapsible umbrellas, regardless of wheter they have a metal tip or not (small collapsible umbrellas are permitted)
  • Tools of any sort
  • More than one lighter
  • Pyrotechnic objects (also Bengal light), torches, weapons of any kind or objects which can be dangerous due to being easily flammable
  • Bulky objects such as sleds
  • Animals, in particular dogs
  • Pressure horns
  • Megaphones
  • Laser Pointer
  • Banners with insulting or poitical contents Accetable items
  • Flags (Wooden staffs with a maximum length of 2,00 m and a diameter of max. 2 cm)
  • Plastic- and telescope-flag staffs (even if made of metal), if they are hollow and flexible
  • Plastic thermos flasks and mugs 

The police will be notified immediately if any of the following items are in your possession:

  • Nazi emblems or Nazi flags
  • Non collapsible knives with 10cm or longer blades sharpened on both sides 
  • Rambo knives
  • Butterfly knives
  • Weapons of any sort (including throwing stars and knuckledusters)
  • Fire works of any sort
  • Pills in plastic bags
  • Powder in plastic bags or any other unusual containers 

4. Prohibition of Commercial Advertising All advertising for commercial or business purposes is prohibited without specific permission by the event organizers. It is also prohibited to take photos, videos or recordings for commercial or business purposes and/or to commercialize these.