Stadium Regulation Chiemgau Arena Ruhpolding

2021/2022 (as of July 2021)

1. Scope of Application

This Stadium Regulation ("Stadium Regulation") serves to regulate the use and ensure the safety of the Chiemgau Arena event grounds, including the associated entrances and exits as well as the parking areas ("Event Grounds"). The Stadium Regulation applies to all persons who are present on the Event Grounds for any reason whatsoever.


2. Access Control

Access to the respective events will only be granted upon presentation of a valid admission ticket or other access authorization.


If, for an important reason, e.g. due to specified protective measures as part of the fight against a pandemic, certain requirements must be met and/or proof is required for access to the event premises (e.g. proof of vaccination, proof of testing and/or proof of recovery; mask requirement), access will only be granted with valid proof or compliance with specified requirements, even if the admission ticket is valid. If the customer is unable to meet the relevant requirements, the municipality of Ruhpolding may refuse access to the Chiemgau Arena or expel the customer from the Chiemgau Arena.


Visitors with a reduced admission ticket will only be granted access upon presentation of the proof justifying the reduction.


Admission tickets as well as other specified proof (e.g. for claiming a discount) must be presented at the access control without being asked and must be handed over for inspection upon request. Admission tickets and other access authorizations must also be presented at any time upon request after admission to the event. At the request of security and/or access control personnel, an official document suitable for identifying the admission ticket holder (e.g. ID card) must be presented.


In case of misuse or unauthorized passing on of admission tickets or passes, these can be confiscated by security and/or access control personnel or organs of the municipality of Ruhpolding without substitution.


3. Carrying Prohibited Objects

Every visitor is obligated to be checked by theat the entrance of the event for objects that are not allowed to be brought into the event area by scanning the clothing or by using a metal detector (or other technical aids). Upon request, the must be allowed to inspect any containers (bags, backpacks, etc.) carried on the premises.


The following items may not be taken onto the event premises:

- Alcoholic beverages or drugs of any kind, as well as substances that can have an intoxicating effect.

- Glass containers, glass bottles, cans, glasses, and jugs of all sizes.

- Plastic bottles over 1 liter (in principle, the bottles must be originally sealed)

- Open tetra packs over 1 liter (in principle, the packages must be sealed originally)

- Hip flasks made of metal or glass

- Objects that can be used as weapons or projectiles

- Knives of all sizes, including pocketknives

- Studded bracelets, - necklaces, - belts

- Items made of fragile, splintering or particularly hard material

- gas spray cans, corrosive, or coloring substances

- spray cans (deodorant, hair spray, paint spray)

- Pyrotechnic objects (including Bengal fire), objects that may pose a hazard due to their easy combustibility, flares, weapons of any kind

- Metal chains over 50 cm long (e.g. purse holders, etc.)

- Metal flagpoles (telescopic flags see below)

- Folding chairs and baby carriages and walkers in the grandstand area (permitted outside grandstand area on the event ground along the track)

- Tools of any kind

- More than one lighter

- Bulky objects such as sledges

- Animals, especially dogs

- compressed air fanfares

- megaphones

- laser pointers

- Drones and other unmanned aerial systems

- Flags, posters and banners with insulting or political, as well as racist, xenophobic or violence glorifying content.


Tolerated are:

- Flags (wooden poles with max. 2.00m and a diameter of max. 2cm.

The size of the flags must not exceed 1.5 m x 1.0 m.

- plastic and telescopic flags (also made of metal), if they are hollow and flexible

- Thermos jugs and thermos bottles made of plastic and metal

- Stick umbrellas, regardless of whether they have a metal tip or not

- folding chairs and baby carriages along the tracks on the Event Ground (outside grandstand area)


The police will be informed immediately in the following cases:

- Emblems, clothing, banners, patches, flags and the like, of any kind, whose inscription is likely to defame people because of their skin color, religion, origin, gender or sexual orientation or other with racist, xenophobic or violence glorifying content

- Statements, gestures, or slogans which, by their nature or content, are likely to discriminate against persons on the basis of their skin color, religion, origin, gender or sexual orientation

- Fixed knives with a blade length of 10 cm or more

- Weapons of any kind (including throwing stars and brass knuckles)

- Fireworks and pyrotechnic articles of all kinds

- Pills and powders in plastic bags or other unusual containers

- Unauthorized ticket trading


4. Prohibition of Commercial Advertising

Any decoration and/or advertising for commercial/commercial purposes during the events is prohibited to the visitors without the express permission of the organizer. It is also prohibited to take photographs, film or tape recordings and/or make other media recordings for the purpose of commercial/commercial use and/or to exploit these recordings without the express permission of the organizer.


The distribution of flyers, advertising material, magazines and the like on the entire event area is only permitted with the permission of the organizer or the municipality of Ruhpolding, irrespective of other official regulations.


5. Domiciliary Rights, Behavior on the Event Area, Instructions and Obligation to Follow; Sale of Goods

The municipality of Ruhpolding as organizer exercises the domiciliary rights on the event area during the event. Every visitor of an event must behave on the event area in such a way that other persons or foreign material assets are not damaged, endangered, or other persons - if not unavoidable according to the circumstances - are hindered or harassed. All users and visitors of the event area are obliged to treat them and their facilities with care and to leave them in a clean condition. Damages are to be avoided and, if necessary, to be reported immediately in writing to the municipality of Ruhpolding. No waste, ashes, harmful liquids, and the like may be poured or thrown into the toilets, flushing facilities and sinks. Waste must be disposed of in the respective containers or trash receptacles provided. It is not permitted to defecate outside the restrooms or to contaminate the event grounds in any other way, especially by throwing away objects.


In the interest of safety and an orderly and smooth running of the event, every visitor is obliged to follow the necessary instructions of the organizer, the police, the fire department, or the security / access control personnel working for the organizer, this includes in particular an assignment to certain places in the Chiemgau Arena.


The offering for sale and the sale of goods of any kind, the distribution of printed matter or the carrying out of collections as well as the setting up of stalls, stands and the like on the event premises is strictly prohibited, unless a contractual authorization and, if applicable, a required public law permit is available.


6. Wheelchair Places

Please note that for safety reasons, only limited wheelchair spaces are available for each event in the grandstand area and along the track of the event site. Pre-registration through the advance ticket office is required for this area. Parking and transportation can only be arranged after pre-registration has been made.


7. Ban on Entry/Expulsion from the Stadium

the organizer or the persons authorized by the organizer to do so may, insofar as this is necessary to protect property or the life, limb, or health of other persons, refuse admission to the event site or expel

- persons who violate one or more points of these stadium regulations

- persons who are obviously under the influence of alcohol or drugs

- persons who behave in a violent manner or who give rise to the concrete suspicion of such behavior

from the event site without reimbursement of the admission fee.


8. Picture and Sound Recordings

Every visitor to an event on the event premises agrees that the organizer is entitled, within the framework of the event and without being obliged to pay any remuneration, to make picture and sound recordings of the visitors and/or to have these made by third parties, to reproduce these, to broadcast them and to use them in any audiovisual media and/or to have these reproduced, broadcast and used by third parties. The rights of the organizer are valid for an unlimited period of time and worldwide. The processing, utilization and public reproduction by the organizer as well as the responsible association as well as third parties authorized by them in each case (e.g. press) is carried out in accordance with Art. 6 para. 1 p. 1 f) DSGVO.


Video and photo recordings by visitors on event days are only permitted for private purposes and exclusively with devices that, in terms of equipment and size, are obviously intended solely for private use and do not exceed a maximum size of 150 x 150 x 150mm (WxHxD). Any other use of these recordings or a transfer of the same beyond the private sphere to third parties or a publication in the media, in particular the social networks (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) requires the prior express consent of the Chiemgau Arena.


9. Liability

The liability of the municipality of Ruhpolding and its vicarious agents, regardless of the type, is limited to intent and gross negligence, with the exception of personal injury or in the cases provided by law. In the case of a slightly negligent breach of an essential contractual obligation (cardinal obligation), liability is limited to the foreseeable, contract-typical damages at the time of acceptance of the stadium regulations. The municipality of Ruhpolding shall not be liable in the event of a slightly negligent breach of secondary obligations that are not essential contractual obligations. The municipality of Ruhpolding assumes no liability for damages caused by visitors, users, their agents or other third parties. The municipality of Ruhpolding is not liable for the loss of objects unless this is due to culpable behavior of the staff.


10. Modification of the Stadium Regulations

The stadium regulations can be changed by the municipality of Ruhpolding at any time and without giving reasons. Each new edition of the stadium regulations automatically replaces any previous edition and thus invalidates the latter.