News concerning the Worldcup 2019

Press Release from the Organizing Committee Ruhpolding

Sunday, January 13, 2019

In Ruhpolding and the surrounding areas, a very difficult situation has developed in the last few days. Within a short time, a large amount of snow has fallen and many roofs had to be cleared of snow. It goes without saying that securing people’s safety takes precedence over carrying out a sports event. For that reason, today heavy equipment such as loaders and snow blowers were moved from the Chiemgau Arena to other municipalities to help alleviate further catastrophes. I am very thankful that, due to the assistance of so many helpers, all the roofs in Ruhpolding in danger of collapsing have been cleared of snow.


NO helpers from the German armed forces or other rescue organizations were involved in the preparation for the World Cup at the Chiemgau Arena area. The current weather forecast makes us optimistic that the Biathlon World Cup will take place as of this Wednesday.  That is assuming that we can complete the remaining preparations on Monday and Tuesday. In addition, we have to coordinate with the district administration and the responsible IBU representatives.


Due to the difficult logistical circumstances, the Organizational Committee has decided not to offer visitor transportation to the Chiemgau Arena before Wednesday. They have also decided to cancel the opening ceremony on Tuesday evening. We hope that the dangerous situation in our region will be cleared up as quickly as possible and that the race days will go smoothly for all the athletes and visitors.




Claus Pichler

First Mayor of Ruhpolding and Chairman of the Organizational Committee