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Ruhpolding Backstage

Ticket sales begin on June 13th

Ruhpolding 10. Jun. 2016 – The long waiting period has finally come to an end. The Biathlon World Cup 2017 sales dates are set.
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Looking forward to the Biathlon World Cup 2017

Ruhpolding 20. Jan. 2016 – First there was no snow, then mountains of it, and athletes who came from behind to change the tide in a race thought to be lost, and on top of that, three extra days of races. The year 2016 certainly got off to an exciting start, but the anticipation for 2017 is uninterrupted because from January 10th to 15th 2017, it will finally be time for biathlon again!
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Germany gets the silver medal after a sensational comeback in the relay race

The Fans in Ruhpolding booed the Ukrainian anchor of the winning team

Ruhpolding 17. Jan. 2016 – It would be difficult to envision a more suspenseful race than today‘s women’s relay race in the last competition in Ruhpolding. That, even though it occasionally did not look good for the German team and they were up to two minutes behind the leading team. Karolin Horchler, Miriam Gössner, Maren Hammerschmidt and Laura Dahlmeier placed second, only a heartbeat after the winners.
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The strategy worked out

A sensational gold for Erik Lesser in the 15 kilometer mass start

Ruhpolding 16. Jan. 2016 – In the second Ruhpolding men’s mass start, Erik Lesser sewed up the field from behind. He landed all 20 shots and had a special strategy to pace himself during the race. Even Martin Fourcade and Evgeniy Garanichev could not catch up with the 27 year old German in a nerve wracking final stretch. Probably no one will ask him the tiresome World Championships question any longer.
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The Germans only lacked first place

Soukalova won the 12.5 km mass start in Ruhpolding

Ruhpolding 16. Jan. 2016 – In spite of breaking a pole in the second round, the Czech athlete Gabriela Soukalova was able to secure her tenth win on the day before last of the Ruhpolding World Cup. Her victory was based on her clean shooting. She was the only one to shoot completely cleanly. Second place went to Franziska Hildebrand who lives in Ruhpolding right ahead of her teammate Laura Dahlmeier.
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An exciting men’s relay race with heavy snowfall

It was a great victory for the Norwegian relay team after a rough start.

Ruhpolding 15. Jan. 2016 – At first it did not look so good for the Norwegian team. The starter, Ole Einar Bjoerndalen had to reload three times in the first bout and just barely avoided the penalty loop. In the standing position, two reloads were required.
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A Brilliant Performance by Dorothea Wierer

Clean shooting and great skiing secured her triumph

Ruhpolding 14. Jan. 2016 – On the fifth day of the “Ruhpolding World Cup Weeks“ contenders could afford to miss at most one shot to be among the top contenders. After clean shooting, the Italian biathlete Dorothea Wierer was even able to cross the finish line with a 54 second lead. Franziska Hildebrand achieved fourth place and was thereby the top ranking German.
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